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Saturday, September 10, 2011

9th Sept - Right Said Fred

Continuing the rugby theme, I was a little jet lagged last night so was in bed for 9pm. Sleep was broken, but I managed to sleep through to 5am and woke refreshed, albeit with a headache. (I think 'its airplane flu - over in 24 hours). I put the tv on, in case I could sleep for a further hour, but couldn't. There were 12 hours on the tv, 6 of them had rugby on - beats the coverage of our national game - soccer (women all over the UK say thank goodness), and the talk shows were about the game, not the money celebrity and WAGs.

Later that day I picked up the camper van. It all looked so simple in the van hire place. All I had to do was put three pieces of wood between the 2 benches to make 2 singles. The first time I put weight on it, it collapsed, and I went through - even with my new svelte figure,

With 2 suitcases, rucksacks, 4 quilts, and 2 blankets (it might be cold), re-erecting it was a feat of engineering, which even Brunel would have admired. Everytime we want something, we have to move three thinigs around to get at what we want. The collapsable suitcases have to be stored under the beds, and that's where our clothes are. The fridge is virtually the only space we have for food and drink, the wardrobe has 4 hangers, and the drivers seat has my clothes for morning on. If we want to move around, one of us has to sit on the passenger seat while the other moves the bags around to do whatever, and then back again. Joy - I wonder how long it will be before we crack, or find a solution.

As most middle aged people have to do, I have to get up in the night. Not wanting the palarver of getting dressed to walk to the campsite loos, the van loo can be used for 'wees' only in the night. When I went to flush, the bowl filled with water. I stopped it near the top, but couldn't work out how to get rid of it. I went back to sleep, before the next wee break, when I worked out that there must be a way of flushing it, which I found, and the water button was for 'rinse purposes. Still it took a woman one go to sort it, so why does it take a lifetime and beyond for men to understand that the toilet seat needs putting down everytime they use it. Perhaps it should be called a toilet lid.

Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbons - from the 60's, because we were getting nowhere.

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