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Thursday, September 15, 2011

11th Sept - Every breath you take.

We left Dunedin to drive to Queenstown via the Rock and Canyon Range and Ranfurly. On the way we saw less than 20 vehicles going both ways, driving for the best part of three hours. Thisd really is Top Gear driving. Miles of open road, with one or two challenging bends - I wanted to be in something sporty and black a Citroen DS3 perhaps, with orange wheels to play at rallying, but even in a transit van it was exhilerating. Driving how it should be no A38 or M6 Junction 10.

Ranfurly is a tiny Art Deco town named after the settler that enouraged settlement in Otago. He also gave the Ranfurly Shield for New Zealand Clubs to contest - the 'Log of wood.'

It was then onto Queenstown, where we stopped for a coffee, and guess who I saw - Mark Cueto, Alex Corbisero, and Richard Wigglesworth. I promised Mark that I wasn't stalking him - although I feel that I can call him Mark now.

In the afternoon we went on a Lake Wakatipu cruise. The lake is 1m deep in some places and over 390 in others - below actual see level. The trip was entertaining in itself, but was made more so by a yacht that ran aground on the shallow water and the driver had to get the 'coastguard' over to pull him off.

We went into a bar to watch Ireland struggle against USA - why with those backs and back row?, and the Wales v South Africa game. There were some Aussies that had been drinking all day. They were on rugby tour, but the Australia Italy game had been moved from Christchurch to North Island nad having tickets for the England game, they went to Queenstown instead. They were dressed in what could only be described as rainbow coloured padded romper suits. (one told me that they'd seen England earlier, but more people were interested in taking pictures of them rather than the players. There were obviously green and yeallow suits, a couple of black ones for the Kiwis touring, and the one in pink had been given his because he was the youngest on tour - unfortunate when you are English, with a bunch of Aussies.

They were trying to drink the place dry, and had got through 7 bottles of rum (served with coke, moving onto the reserves, as well as 'dare drinks such as vodka, Dubonnet, and whiskey - together, Baileys etc. They paid for they drinks with money from wallets stored in their pants. (the suits had no pockets). Well ladies, we all thought Aussies had big packages, but now you know the truth!!!

Every breath you take - The Police, because I'm not really stalking Mark Cueto.

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