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Thursday, September 15, 2011

13th September – I drove all night

As an aside, in the Otago Times this morning, the campsite we stayed in on Saturday night was quoted as saying that it had broken the record for the number of vans on site
– 700, which was 3 times their previous highest – in 2005 when the Lions fans were in town. The English may not have partied like the Argentinians, but they certainly are here in force.

Today has been much quieter – perhaps a little too quiet for my liking, but stunning scenery. The South island is known as the last great wilderness and from these pictures you can see why.
It gave me time to reflect on my early experiences of NZ.
  1. The number of fat people is proportionate to the number of McDonalds here – very few – and long may both trends remain the same. Remembering correlation co-effecients from Statistics, I wondered if there was one.
  2. Everywhere we’ve ate, from ‘greasy spoon’, to pubs, and bistros, the food has been freshly cooked and of excellent quality
  3. Driving can be pleasurable if roads are not controlled by speed bumps, traffic signs and too many cars and lorries. Speed limits are not broken, because no one is held up by speed bumps, cameras congestion etc.
  4. We have been met everywhere by a great deal of politeness, courtesy and good service. The Kiwis are intelligent enough to realise the value of the tourist dollar.
  5. People respect the land, their towns (no litter) and each other.
  6. They pay a fair price for food so that their farmers make money (it is a bit more expensive that at home, but is fresher, tastier that ours.
  7. They live breathe rugby – black is the most common clothing colour and there are All Black signs, shirts, hats, sheep everywhere.

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