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Friday, September 23, 2011

20th September – Going Underground

My dawn run this morning was along the shoreline of Lake TeAnau. In the half light of dawn, the snow capped mountain tops peaked over the ghost-like mist that floated across the Lake. Mills and Boon stuff that – I didn’t take my camera with me, which was a disappointment, as even my point and press technique of photography would have captured the moment.

Never short of a word, today I can’t articulate the beauty of what I’ve seen today.

We travelled to Lake Manipouri, where we had an hour’s boat trip across the Lake to West Arm. That alone was stunning. When there, we visited Manipouri Hydro Electric Station, driving inot the heart of a mountain, about 2km, where Lake TeAnau water is funnelled down into Lake Manipouri, 100m+ lower through 14m high turbines. The turbine room looked like the scene from a James Bond movie – Goldfinger?  We the crossed the Wilmott Pass on a gravel road 670m above sea level, at its highest point. It took an hour to get there and at the highest point, there was still snow on the ground, some of which had lasted from the first fall in autumn.

We arrived at Doubtful Sound. I’ve posted pictures as words fail me. I drifted into the scenery, with my thoughts, but I really can’t tell you what I was musing over, but it relaxed me.

On rugby matters, James Haskell is rapidly becoming my favourite player in the England team. He is honest enough to admit that some of the England players haven’t been pulling their weight, and have been guilty of sloppy play. How refreshing after the usual double speak of ‘taking positives from the game’.

Going Underground – The Jam. 2km under a mountain, with a rock formation of Gneiss, Schist and Quartz, some of the hardest rock there is, and some of the drilling was done by hand.

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