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Monday, September 19, 2011

18th Sept. Sweet Caroline.

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond - ably assisted by the students of Otago University.

Match day 2. We drove down from Oamaru to Dunedin via the Moelariki Boulders. There spherical rocks on the beach are like giant rabbit droppings, each raisin being about 4-5 feet tall.

We found Kaikouri Rugby Club on the top of Maori Hill in Dunedin. The hill falttens out to provide space for 4 pitches. We were met by the Secretary who ran us down into Dunedin. He told us that he had been talking to one of the engineers in the stadium. They thought the reason for Jonny and the other poor kicking in the stadium was down to the heat from the spectators mixing in with the cold drafts from the four open corners to move the air around at higher levels in the stadium. The Georgian kicker tonight also suffered from the same problem. The ball seems to stop and change direction mid-air.

We met with a couple from Burton RFC who are living over here along with a couple of lads from the club. There is a corner of a foreign field that is forever Burton.

After last week in the Octagon, it was much quieter. The controversial 50000$ phallic waka had been renamed the whole area the Cocktagon. There were no real Georgian following, sadly, but in the stadium the local students offered their support. They were the instigators of the stand stamping, and again the ends were literally rocking. They also led the half time singing in Sweet Caroline and released yellow smiley balloons – they certainly know how to create a party atmosphere.

There is also a theory amongst the obsessive Kiwi fans – did you know that Colin Pinetree Meads had 8 sugars in his tea before a game – that is the level of detail that they are at. The theory is that the All Blacks will throw the France game, so that they get in England and Ireland’s side of the draw to avoind the Boks and Aussies. The 24 years of hurt is surely addling their thinking.


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