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Monday, November 21, 2011

12th Sept - Oh What a Day

What a day!! We went on the Shotover River Jet Boat ride - real adrenaline rush and well worth doing if you are ever down this way. The driver takes you to within a couple of feet of the 'cliff - like river edges, and spins the boat round in less than a foot of water. The driver told us that the England rugby team were due down in the afternoon, and a few of them were rafting at the moment.

As we were taking pictures of the stunning gorge afterwards, the Sky team arrived to film the steps leading to a cafe at the top. Around the corner came Haskell, Foden, Hartley and Ashton - top blokes. They were followed by Shaw and Easter, dressed in rafting gear.

We went in for a coffee, when in walks Tom Palmer. I politely asked him for a photo, and he obliged, but said that he'd not made the rafting. I wonder if it had anything to do with last night's beer on his breath? (two nights on the beer as they'd been out in Dunedin the night before). In walks James Haskell with a massive black eye. 'Aah, he said to Palmer, 'The Vomiter'.

After a poor performance on Saturday, it can be handled in two ways - loads of training, or let the lads have a bit of a tour experience to relieve the pressure. It looks like Johnno has chosen the latter. As an experienced tourist, he knows what the lads are like, so good call I say.

Nick Easter came in and looked at the sausage roll that the Sky cameraman was eating, and went for it.

Oh What a Day - Saw Doctors- Best selling Irish band - in Ireland. And U2 they pay taxes in Ireland as well.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

10th November - Help!

I've finally put on the Fiji pictures - stunning sunsets and florals. I reflect on the holiday daily - the scenery, the friendliness and service standards of both countries far exceed our own. Niceness here is seen as a sin of weakness. Perhaps Cameron's plan for a National Happiness Level would be improved if we all were just polite and smiled a bit more. We wouldn't suffer from stress, rudeness and anger of modern life. Yesterday I went to a jobs fair in Uttoxeter on the bus. A woman asked me if the bus went to Tutbury. I said I thought not it was the next one. A woman behind me stormed, 'lets get past, these two can't make their mind up if they want this bus or not'. Perhaps someone could tell me what we did that demanded such an aggressive response. Next to me a woman was berating a toddler for not doing very much at all - no tantrum nothing - she was fidgetting. This continued for 10 minutes. That child only knows No, and negativity already.

On arrival at St Pancras, I asked the guy if the Nottingham Train behind him (the train I needed) was for Nottingham. His answer 'I don't know - it will show up on the board.' Yes he was on the Information desk by the train. St Pancras shows the Olympic rings proudly, but its staff don't want to help anyone. Welcome back to Britain Karen - you're back to the grim reality of rudeness, aggression, and isolation.

Help! - The Beatles. because I enjoyed a world where people mattered, to come back to grey misery.