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Monday, September 19, 2011

19th September – Coffee and TV – Blur

We woke up in the van in Kaikoura Rugby Club car park. No shower this morning – rubbish. We met the Burton couple for a coffee before driving to Te Anau. We just happened to choose the England hotel, and the lads were mooching about. Toby had a cut eye, and I checked with Lewis on the state of his knee – all OK, thank goodness. Next time I’ll meet the boys is probably Sky City Auckland.

I’ve not had much luck with driving the last couple of days. I banged the side of the van trying to line up at a diesel point, and today I was doing 110km instead of 100km. I was spotted by a child policeman who was lovely and gave me a ticket – 80$ fine. He was more interested in what games I had been to, what I thought of England’s chances and the fact that The All Blacks feared England because they knew how to win a game, even if it was ugly. In the UK I’d have been patronised, by some smug police officer who’d have been better off solving real crime.

The prettiness of Lake Te Anau relaxed me back into my holiday, ready for another Bucket List job tomorrow - a cruise on Doubtful Sound.

 Coffee and tv - Blur - not missing the latter in the slightest, but coffee with England - maybe I will.

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  1. Where is Wendy? What have you done with her?

    The public must be told!