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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

27th Sept – Little old Wine Drinker Me

It s hard to keep this interesting as a blog, when I keep cooing over the views. I could honestly take a picture every 100 yeards and to put that into interesting terms is damn difficult. We drove across the Buller National park to Blenheim, about 250 km and only passed maybe 3 hamlets and one small town. The sun was beating down in Blenheim, and for the first time this holiday, I didn’t need my coat on. Whilst being Tea Total, past delights meant that being in the heart of the Wairapa Valley was really exciting. We must have driven for the best part of an hour past vines, mostly producing the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world - and not just my opinion either. Past names like Hunter Valley, Villa Maria, Spy Valley, and then the ultimate…. Cloudy Bay. I had to visit it. I’ve drank it several times and it’s a memorable experience every time – especially when we drank 3 bottles and were only charged for two at a certain restaurant in Burton. The views were again lovely – hills either side of a flat sun drenched valley. I must admit, I was tempted, but my vow of abstenence is not ready to be broken yet. We also visited a couple of artisan producers – chocolate and jams and chutneys, and I felt a stab of sadness, as they talked enthusiastically about their products. That was my job to listen, encourage, develop support for them, and it’s now gone, just as things were really starting to happen for them. Dream jobs don’t come along for people very often, and I was lucky enough to have one. I doubt lightening will strike twice.

Little Old Wine Drinker Me – Dean Martin.

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