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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

25th September – If only I could

The cold damp had got into my bones, and I was very cold and stiff when I woke in the van. With no ‘powered’ site, there was no heater to warm me up. We showered and packed up quickly so the van’s heater could go on while we were driving. We left Dunedin – a great rugby city, and drove to Fox’s Galcier. We had virtually no radio coverage all the way – no bad thing, as I’m getting a little bored of the ‘classic’ soft rock that seems to be on every channel. Bloody Queen and Bruce just doesn’t do it for me, especially once an hour. Sadly the monster drive meant very few opportunities for photos today, as we drove through Wales, Scotland, Norway to the Forest of Dean. To me, with a geography degree, it was fantastic to see such good examples of the Thursday 3.15 lesson.

In the evening, I had a certain satisfaction in watching Scotland lose by one point. Apparently at home, they last minute drop goal chance was hampered by an offside not seen by the referee or the one-eyed Kiwi commentators. Everyone in the bar was supporting the Argies, except for Howard and Hilda, English fans in his and hers black England shirts, who were supporting Scotland because it was part of Britain. Obviously they’d never been to Murrayfield and been charged ‘English’ prices in hotels, and talk of 1967, 1990 etc. they stood in front of the fire cutting out the heat as well.

I thought I’d help Moody with an inspirational team talk for Saturday, and ask for the fourth verse of ‘God Save the Queen’ to be sung as well –after all they are singing about Edward’s Army being sent home again. (Bit of homework there for the readers – what is in the 4th verse?).
‘ Forget the crap about Scottish independence, and their oil, which they’ve had back via the Barnett formula anyway, think about the prices your sick relatives have to pay for prescriptions, think about the cost you your kid’s university education, think about the 600,000 who are being put out of work for doing the same jobs as the Civil Service in Scotland who are retaining theirs. Remember Gordon Brown at the 2007 Final, who didn’t sing the National Anthem and then smiled when South Africa won. Think about RBS and HBOS, and how your grandchildren will be paying for Scottish greed. They’d be bankrupt as a country without us – now show them who’s boss.’

(Tongue in cheek of course).

If Only I could – Alexander O Neal – it stood out in a soup of AOR, and it was in my head all day.

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