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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2nd Oct – It’s Raining Men

Back to Hamilton for Wales Fiji. A bit of a disaster day. On a fan camp at rip off prices, for basically a car park, there was no shower, power or TV room. Last night’s camp site was the same price, with showers, power tv room, kitchen, spa and in Auckland. Still it’s a walkable town, but yesterday’s yomping on concrete had left me with sore feet.

We made the mistake of going into an Irish bar for lunch – normally a ‘safe’ option. I ordered Green Lipped Musselsin Cocnut and Chilli sauce. They took nearly all the first half of the Argentina Georgia game, or knock on contest. I had eaten two when I realised that at least 50% had not opened. When I complained the bar staff walked off, without sorting the problem. On following up, they offered me 2 for 1 drinks vouchers – great for a tea totaller, so I asked for my money back. I then had to find somewhere else to eat. In 3 and a half weeks that’s the worst service and definitely the worst food – camp site with limited toilets would not have been funny with food poisoning. The food here has been fantastic. Sometimes a little simple, but always cooked to order, hot and fresh.

The Welsh game was entertaining, but sadly one sided. The two English players Warburton and North wee outstanding again. They went through the Welsh system so good for wales to reward talent, 19 and 22. Johnno would rather pick has been and foreign never will be’s rather than young talent such as Saull, Sharples and Barrit to name 3 (with possibly 20 others who deserved a chance over the last 2 years). Youth has no fear, and play like that. England have a massive fear of losing. I stood up for this game, which was a good job as it lashed it down, but still my jeans were wet, my bag was wet, and everything in it was wet. To make it worst I got lost when I left the ground. I didn’t pay much attention to where I was going on the way in, as I spotted Seddon Park, where England have played cricket in the past. At the third attempt I found the city centre (15 minute walk away normally), I went into Sky City’s bar to watch the Ireland Italy match, have a hot drink and eat. I ordered Salmon Risotto and got chicken. Fed up of the day I had had, I just ate it and Hamilton will not be graced by me again.

It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls – the weather forecasts over here are accurate, almost to the hour. No song about cats and dogs though.

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