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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25th Oct – Island Girl

I checked in at the airport this morning at 4am, having woke on the hour every hour from midnight onwards. Even with 2 alarms, and a room call, my body clock didn’t let me sleep. By 4.30am a large South African had collapsed by me, with a suspected heart attack (bet his luggage was removed as a failed last call). This is the second time this has happened to me, and what strikes me is how grey they go, as though the blood has drained away from them.  We were welcomed at Nadi Airport (smaller than East Midlands), by a Fif=jian handing us a shell necklace. At the hotel we were welcomed by a refreshing glass of Fijian Punch, (more of that laster). And I have my own bathroom again, no bath, but a shower head the size of a dinner plate.

Here I am on a tropical island, sunny day, private beach, with beachside bar, activities such as sarong tying, coconut splitting and touch rugby to come, and I’m bored. I don’t do beach/lazing by the pool holidays, or sitting by the pool looking like a lobster, as I go pink from the sun. How can this be in paradise? I’ve booked things to do for the rest of the week – going to Robinson Crusoe’s island tomorrow, for a Fijian and Polynesian cultural day, horse riding around the Nadi countryside on Thursday, and a trip to the Hindu Temple and Secret garden on Friday. I can’t help it, I just can’t switch my brain off that easy. There is a gym, but it’s too hot to move, and shuts at 7pm, so it will be mornings or not at all. Meanwhile I’ll have another Fijian Cocktail by the pool – banana, orange, passion fruit, pineapple and grenadine. (oh and for those who are reading this on a grey October day and this sounds like the perfect holiday scenario for them, it was 32 degrees today.)

Luckily I sunscreen and G’s floppy cricket hat with the ECB’s 3 lions on – why are all these Aussies looking at me strangely? He he. Number one now at twenty20 as well. I’ve got 2 books to read of the ones I took with me, and at the airport, the postage was so cheap, I sent those and some programmes home to reduce weight. Unfortunately I’ve sent one I haven’t read home, and I’ve nearly finished the book on Winston Churchill’s Finest Years (guess when they were then?) Hopefully the hotel shop will have some bodice ripper for me to read – I’ve read three quite challenging books this holiday.

I’ve done the sarong tying, coconut splitting (and drank the freshest coconut milk I’ll ever drink), as well as coconut popcorn, which tastes like fried food to me, from the flesh, and walked all along the front to the end – all with similar hotel resorts as this one. At the very end one, a couple was getting married – all on their own – romantic fools.

I've just heard that France have been fined for responding to the Haka - why - it was a brilliant response to the challenge. Why can't they respond? Are they supposed to stand there and let New Zealnd be more hyped up as a result of the dance? perhaps Mr Lapasset could explain why he needed to spend 4000 NZD of our ticket money on hotels rooms - PER NIGHT!!!!

Island Girl - Elton John - pretty obvious really. 
Due to being in a thrid world country - there are no photos as they won't download.

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