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Monday, October 10, 2011

10th Oct – Sunshine and Lollipops

Sometimes I have these bright ideas, and I insist on following them through regardless of result. New Zealand was one of my better ideas. This one today was not so good. I wanted to go and see the first city to see the sun rise in the east, and so I planned in Gisbourne, while I was here. I drove 7 hours from Auckland to do it, through the Bay of Plenty, and then across land, where I drove for the best part of 2 hours, no radio reception through farmland (Kiwi and Beef mostly) and wooded hills and valleys, without towns or villages and then through vineyards to  Gisbourne. On the way, I imagined the tea I was going to have. I imagined a place like Blenheim, with a café culture and a joy of ‘local’ food. The dream may have been heightened by the fact that I had had two nights of chicken and chips at the stadium, and sushi on the boat to Rangitoto (no shops or cafes there), and some nuts and fruit at lunchtime. Again beautiful scenery but all that way on my own…..

Still no blog. Wi-Fi and a Blockbusters mega old service stopped me in my tracks again. I did find the holiday camp and a Brummie for my troubles. Bargain 26 dollars and someone who wanted to talk about Brum. I settled the van (Dora) down for the evening, and then went to find this imagined café culture on foot. An hour later and all I had found was 2 Indians, 2 Chinese, 1 Thai, all takeaways, a Burger King, KFC, McD’s, Subway,Domino’s and Pizza Hut (takeaway only). There were no pubs, or restaurants – all over by the harbour I couldn’t find. So tea again was chicken and chips, with free heartburn, from KFC. Maybe it’s because the city is the closest to the USA that is city centre is like this – and dead post shops closing. A real disappointment and the forecast for the morning is not good.

Well Ritchie McCow only got 1 right – Australia, so he will be lucky not to be in a Bun with fries soon.

Sunshine and Lollipops - Leslie Gore - from my Cheesy radion station - when the mountains allowed me to listen

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