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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

27th October – I’m your puppet.

This morning I went horse riding on the beach for a couple of hours. My horse riding experience is somewhat limited – a pony trekking weekend with youth club when I was 15, and a day trip in California (‘get off your horse and drink your milk’).
In both cases the horses were docile old nags, and whilst I fell off in the Brecon Beacons, while cantering across the top, you bounce at 15.

The horse I was given was a feisty chestnut, that would settle down once it got going – they give it to 5 year olds apparently. Yeah right. For the next 30 minutes, it was a battle of wills as he tried to go his own way – usually for food, or drink, or shade, or into the Pacific to cool off – the splashing was nice and cooling though). Eventually he almost calmed down to donkey ride pace. The guide told me that he had had to be broken in twice, to get him to be ‘rider friendly’. 5 year olds? I don’t think so unless their name is Zara Philips, but this horse was acting as though her husband had been caught with his head in a blonde’s cleavage and it had been sprayed all over the world’s media.

However, a horse ride on a deserted tropical island beach, through the Pacific surf, was a great way to spend a sunny morning, although the company of Rupert Campbell Black never materialised from Jilly Cooper’s imagination.

The guide told me that he got paid 20 Fijian Dollars a day – just over £7. With all the big hotel chains now here, I’m sure that the corporates are making huge amounts, but I wonder how much of Fiji is seeing the benefit.

After a lazy afternoon, another Lovu - fish this time. And I got to try some of their deserts - Coconut features quite heavily - but hey I'm only here for another 2 days so I can hardly get bored. I walked along the beach - to see another stunning sunset. I will put photos on when I can

When I was 15, I went pony trekking - the song that reminds me most of that weekend was I'm your puppet - James and Bobby Purify. I hasten to add, it was the re-release.

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  1. I would much rather do bungy jumping than riding on a strong willed horse - that really scares me.