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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

24th Oct – So Far Away

I said goodbye to Dora the camper van this morning, that has been my home for the last 6 and a bit weeks. I got to the airport, with the plan to sleep on the chairs overnight. However, there were no chairs this side of passport control, so I had to resort to Plan B, which was very expensive, but a stone throw’s away from the airport. I had a room, so caught up with the blog and e-mail, had a lovely long shower – don’t hotels have showers anymore? In fact the day possibly ended up one of the most expensive of the holiday, as the hotel had World Cup prices, my baggage in store at the airport. It was though, my first bathroom and proper bed since 8th Sept. I watched the IRB Awards dinner on TV, with Melody in a silver sparkly number tonight, and within an hour I was fast asleep.

So Far Away – Dire Straits. If New Zealand were where Scotland was, I’d holiday here every year. 

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