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Thursday, June 9, 2011

9th June - You're So Vain

Having given up on driving for a while, (ideally forever but I don't think I can get away from needing a car on a long term basis), I am now using public transport on a regular basis. When it moves on time, its actually quite a leisurely experience, but then again, I get on the train before the Tamworth commuters and therefore that entitles me to a seat. (£19bn for High Speed 2 - try putting a third carriage on the rush hour trains to acheive value for money!! - no money for that though is there?)

It does take longer, though, but affords me the pleasure of reading the Metro in the morning. How can you sum the Metro up as a newspaper. I've read it, but couldn't answer one question on current affairs, unless its to answer the question, What famous Footballer was seen as Mary Poppins, but is actually a serial adulter that doesn't even see his brother's wife as being out of bounds? Answers on a postcard, please, but his name rhymes with Ronnie Biggs. The culture of the WAG really bothers me. Land a footballer and you land an easy life, you can become a model (or may have started as a model). Not a Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, showcasing some of the exciting fashion designs, but some obscure lingerie company or 'Loaded'. (Phil Collins was the face of many a knitting pattern, but he's more famous for his music.) You aren't there to be admired or demonstrate a design, you are there to be leered at. You cheapen your sex, and actually your sexual allure. You are a living breathing rubber doll, there to satisfy some of man's baser urges. (That's fine lads - we need your baser urges to run as we all want sustainability of the human race, and someone needs to be the hunter.)

Footballers, bless them, are not paid for their brain power. They often are removed from their normal lives, put into sheltered club accommodation, have every need pandered to and obviously have more time and money than their wildest dreams. They no longer have something to ground them, or remind them of the normality of everyday life. As every need is met, and they have silly women throwing themselves at them, nothing really has a value. The 'perfect' women to match their perfect baby Bentley, house in Cheshire/Surrey etc. These women, know that to land a footballer, however it works out, they will earn money off them.  Whether it be selling their story to News of the Screws, being paid 'hush' money, child maintenance, or the life time winner - marriage - job for life or handsome payoff if divorce looms.

Women have always wanted to look their best for certain occasions. In the past, we made the best of what God gave us, although make up, good choices of clothes, corsetry and dieting helped to enhance the appearance. These were always external enhancements and we are our own worst critics. However, this is no longer good enough for young women, as they chase their vision of beauty. Natural is definately out. The new vision of beauty comes in the following form: orange fake tan and bottle blonde. (Ladies, everyone knows that real blondes tend to freckle or go pink in the sun, so the orange fake tan looks just that - Fake.) As for the hair - the eyebrows give it away, and that's before men discover that the collar and cuffs don't match. Then the real gravest of sins: plastic surgery. What doctors created to hide the horrors of the First World War, and burns victims has been taken over by vanity.

'There used to be a saying among men 'that more than a handful is enough'. G-H cups is not normal for 99.9% of normal sized women. The aspiration of a Barbie figure is actually demeaning your own self esteem. Jordan is the subject of ridicule for most thinkiing people. If there is anything to admire about her, its her ability to find ways of earning money from very little talent, and her care for a son with multiple disabilities. In other words her character - not her body. By having surgery to alter your body to attract men, you are not their equal, and can never be. They will never respect you as a person. You are a breathing rubber doll to them. In landing a footballer, you will achieve instance celebrity and wealth, but you cannot have self -respect, or be a person in your own right.

Attracting a man is not a crime. Love and family are the cornerstones of our society. Having breasts that don't disappear under your arms when you lie down, and risk your future health will not ultimately get you these things, however superficially you think you've got them. How many footballers wives promise to 'stand by their man' (Ironic that this song was written by one of the most surgically enhanced singers - Dolly Parton), when they stray with some bimbo who has thrown herself at him? Of course you will girls, be a doormat, it pays well. You are just legalised prostitutes, not equals in a lifelong partnership. Kick him out and stand up for yourself. That would be the right role model for young girls. Let them see that you can take control, that you are not to be treated badly, by anyone. Let them see that you can cope without your meal ticket. You'd probably find that men would respect you more for that than your size G plastic boobs. There is more to life than what you own or look like, that doen't bring real happiness and security.

Our mother and grandmothers ancouraged us to be confident in ourselves, our personalities, develop our talents to the full. Being rich wasn't the game, fulfillment was, whether that was as a mother, a career, or a happy marriage, or all three. Plastic Surgery is not a talent if you receive it, rather than the surgeon. The Metro this morning, really made me give up on my sex and their ability to be good mothers to their daughters. A woman who has spent £50,000 on herself to achieve her ambition to look like Barbie,  was front page news in the Metro for giving her 8 year old daughter a voucher for £5000 worth of plastic surgery when she is 16. That is a pre-pubescent child, who as yet doesn't even know what her body will look like, and may not be fully developed by then, already thinks that she will be imperfect. That's really a way to encourage a fully rounded person as a mother. Tell her that she needs to look better. I'd put her on an 'at risk' list, for child cruelty. I daren't even think what this could do to paedophiles.

Today I have chosen the Carly Simon song 'You're So Vain'. Mick Jagger or Warren Beatty - who knows, but they made the most of their talents and not looks.

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