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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7th June - Ever Fallen in Love?

Today's blog is so complicated I'm not sure I'm going to pull it off. I know that it will take longer than other blogs to type, although it is shorter than most of my ramblinigs. Years ago I used to work for a company that made aerosols. It was one of the jobs I enjoyed the most, with great people to work with and for. I'm always pleased to see them in the street, and I think I've enjoyed a similar reception from them.

The inter-relationships when I was there, made me think that I should write a soap opera for television. One of the supervisors (K), wanted to go out with the lab technician (S). She was engaged to someone else outside of work. Meanwhile the Factory Manager (P) was having an affair involving cling film with (R). I'd say use your imagination, but after 25 years I've still not worked it out! Anyway, S broke up with her fiance to go out with K. For many months it was a passionate affair - drove me spare as S worked for me and talked of nothing else. Then P ended it with R (perhaps the cling film had run out - but I think it was his wife beginning to smell a rat.) K had chased S for so long that he realised that the dream wasn't all it was supposed to be and started looking in the direction of newly available R, whilst still with S. Everyone else knew but S. It made working with her very difficult as she kept asking for advice. How do you say, 'He's sleeping with someone else' and keep motivation up. In the end, I advised R to force the decision out of K. K finished it with S and went public with R. Phew!!! I think that made sense.

That seemed complicated until last night. The previous week, we had bumped into an ex Burton Player (R) in the Sun at Richmond. He asked to be remembered to everyone. So at last night's club meeting, I mentioned R wished to be remembered to those that knew him. That caused a degree of hilarity in the corner of the room where I was sitting. Then C explained why. R had been married to K many years before, but the marriage had ended. K then went out with S and married him. That marriage also broke down. Meanwhile R had an affair with M's wife, which broke the M marriage up and eventually R moved down south, with wife 2, soon to be ex wife 2. We believe wife 3 stuck. C and family were invited to a wedding, when queuing to congratulate the newly wed couple, her mum said, 'This feels weird, wasn't K married to R first, and I was at that wedding as well? 'No mum, ' C replied, 'That was wedding 1, this is wedding 3 - you missed out S (wedding 2).' We believe K is now on marriage number 4, and others commented on how R had other affairs, on what seemed a regular basis.

My dad, a Police Inspector in town, from Newcastle - under - Lyme, who served most of his working life in the Black Country used to say that he'd never known such a place for sexual shenanagins as Burton. It certainly seems to be the case.

And they say Eastenders has complicated unbelievable scripts!

To give it its full title: 'Ever Fallen in Love with Someone (you shouldn't have fallen in love with)? was the Buzzcocks biggest hit. Pete Shelley, the main man, is cited as an influence for many other bands such as Stone Roses. His sensitive lyrics conflict with the fast moving guitar music. I loved them.

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