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Sunday, June 23, 2013

24.June - Driving in my car-Madness

The hotel in Surfers Paradise has been surrounded by roadworks by the construction of a light rail system, (tram in old money). Every time I've left the hotel, it's meant a different route around the hotel, for pedestrians and road traffic. The coach came today to move us to the airport for the flight to Melbourne. We were asked to get on as the coach driver couldn't pull in due to cars parked under the loading canopy.

Fully loaded, he drove to the end of the road ready to turn right into the traffic. The traffic warden told him that he couldn't turn right in the coach.
'But I did yesterday' the driver protested.
'Ive had my instructions - you can't today. You will have to reverse down the road and turn around.'

The driver pulled back so far. The other end of the road was a duel carriageway so he would have to reverse. It would be too dangerous to do anything else. He decided to reverse into the hotel canopy and '3 point' turn his way around.

He pulled in and out more times than the Okey Cokey will all the Lions limbs involved.
'I can't pull round, he said, that red car is parked and I will hit it.'

The tour rep. went into the hotel to find the owner. I've noticed one thing about Australian drivers over here. They have less patience than an Audi driver in the outside lane of the motorway behind someone over taking doing the speed limit.

The hotel manager came out and had a look. With 30 ex rugby plays on the bus, one of them suggested that they'd bump in out of the way. 'I wouldn't mind' the driver said, 'but he's parked illegally.'

All of a sudden, the warden turned round to see the chaos he'd caused. He walked down the road and the Hotel Manager explained that the red car was parked illegally, and it was stopping the coach from turning around.

Sheepishly, the Warden got in the car and drove it away. Consensus was that the best word to sum him up was Tosser.

We continued with our journey.

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