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Friday, June 21, 2013

21 June Part 2

For some reason, I must have hit a word limit as it wouldn't let me complete the post.

Here' the rest of the stories.

Mick Galway felt that Gatland had cheapened the name of the Lions by picking Shane Williams as it is supposed to be about players at their peak rather than players past their peak. Interesting comment, that no one disagreed with.

Richard Hill was asked who the ref was tomorrow - when told he said what that dwarf? Mind you England have a problem with dwarves that goes beyond 2011, they had Austin Healey. well Andy Nichol said, he is a tosser.

Richard Hill went into his history when he was taken out by putting his chin on Nathan Gray's elbow. He had to be XRayed, and his brain was twice as thick as a normal man. He made the mistake of telling West who told Johnno who called him a Neanderthal!!  He had to buy the doctor beer so that he could have one or two. Cost him a fortune.

Elton Flatley felt that the key to tomorrow's game was two dads - Adam Ashkey Cooper. He mentioned how scared he was to have to play against the Lions. Not as scared as I am says Joe Roth, I'm playing outside you.

The final story is they were asked who was going to win tomorrows game. All plumped for the Lions. Richard Hill had asked Warren Gatland if he should put money on Lions winning 3-0. Gatland said not, as if they were 2-0 up, they may go drinking and not be on top form for the final game.......

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