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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

C'est La Vie - Stereophonics

I bought a step counter as I know I need to exercise more. On day one, of being a volunteer, I managed 17,500 steps or 8.5 miles, today, only 17,000!! Most of the time, I was carrying weight, so that's got to be worth a Snickers Duo? Two days in, 4 sandwiches and I have a craving for vegetables.

A smooth journey into work again this morning, and I am beginning to get my bearings in the shopping mall that is kidding people is a brand new station. The platforms are still dark and dingy, and the layout disorientating.

I got to the Villa ground in good time, and the day's vehicles were already there. as soon as our supervisor was in, we started unloading. One guy, who disappeared due to work issues yesterday came in today with his phone welded to his ear. He took responsibility for check the contents of the vehicles, whilst the rest of us lifted and shifted... In between times he took more calls, or pretended to. he also supervised a lorry of branding that was nothing to do with us. The fork truck driver had 9 years experience of unloading and counting, but this guy obviously knew more.

His lack of the 'piano shifting' was winning others up as well. If he wanted to be part of the team, then he needed to graft, not play at it, which he continued to do all morning. It's funny, we'd only been there for a day, but we'd started to work each other out and pull together, and the new guy has to break in. The supervisor commented how easy it was to work with volunteers. We all wanted to be there, we wanted to do our bit for the 'team' and task. He said at the Olympi
cs, the people he worked with just wanted to be sacked so that they could claim dole again. Sadly from past lives I recognised that. (No political discussion to follow, I promise).

It was one guy's birthday, and we had pop (well Asti) crisps, sausage rolls and chocolate cake with candles that he had to blow out.

For all the training that we'd done, to make this team, the ice breakers, the games at Milton Keynes on the first day, the thing that really worked was a focus, an end game, getting the Villa ground game ready.

The hardest task today, was finding our lunch, It took an hour and half to find it. A search party went into the ground into our rooms to find it. Not there. Not in the kitchen, or in with the IT or Accreditation team. As a last ditch hope, someone opened the fridge door........

We knew that we would finish early today because of the football game in the evening. 450 stewards to stop half of Birmingham killing the other half. We had to hide anything that was worth nicking, water and pop, tools, freebies etc. When we left, the Police Incident van was pulling onto site. watching the game tonight, with a Villa win, I wonder what we will face in the morning?

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