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Thursday, August 18, 2011

16th August - Mystery Song

A few weeks ago 5 school friends and me met up all together for the first time in 35 (nearly) years. I'd not seen one for that long, and another only once before in all that time. I must admit I did have a sense of trepidation. I was never quite as 'cool' as they were. They always seemed to be closer to fashion, music and boys than I ever was. What would we talk about after so long? Why did I worry? I was on a high for days afterwards, it went so well.

As you would expect from women of 50, (35, if you're asking), we'd all been through the mill a bit, with bereavements, divorces, redundancy, new relationships, kids and grandchildren, so you would have thought that we'd been jaded, and maybe bitter. Not one bit.

It was as though Marty Fly's car had hit 88 miles an hour and we were back in 1976. After we'd got over the formalities of, so where do you work, how many kids etc., we started to reminisce. We were all a bit disaffected in our 5th year at secondary school, age, rebellion, adulthood was calling, but as we shared our careers, there's not one of us that hasn't ether got a decent job, maybe not in the bank balance, but certainly enjoyment and fulfilment. There were two sales managers, a mortuary technician, an accountant and a replenishment planner, as well as myself - well I was still employed at that point. We have 13 children between us, and three grandchildren ( that we know of, with twins on the way). And A's 6 chou dogs. The conversation went along the lines of 'have you got kennels for them?' no, they live in the house - my husband and kids are in the kennels'. 'Do you have to touch the willies of dead people?' 'I don't even touch my husbands'.

Within 15 minutes we were all 16 again, and we tuned into our sense of humour, which was all still on the same wave length, even after this length of time. I realised what we all had in common all those years ago. A joy of living - and lots and lots of childish giggles. The banter was bang on the whole time, so much so you wonder why we drifted apart all those years ago. Maybe becoming an adult forces you apart. Whilst its not a race, we all hit it at different times - but for most of that night we hadn't got there yet. You were all looking good for your age girls - I reckon we could pass for 45, (35).

I expected to make my excuses at 10, get up early for work, etc. etc., but didn't get in until after midnight - on a work night, and I didn't want it to end!!! I can't remember the last night I felt like that. I'm normally ready for bed by 10, even at the weekend. Memories of the laughter lasted all week. I hope its not 35 years next time - 35 months would be too long.

Mystery Song was one of Status Quo' least known hits, but when it was in the charts some of the girls were rockers in that wonderful summer of 76.

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