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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th July - Rat Race

In an effort to focus the mind of G towards the world of work, friends have allowed him to work within their business in the accounts department. This generous offer is already making him realise the lifestyle change that work brings about that the rest of us have experienced, as we entered the world of work.

Last week an important customer was visiting the business. The customer is a household name. Instead of G warning me of this the night before, so he could ensure he had a clean shirt, I had a grumpy text in the morning. 'Where's all my shirts?' Reply: 'In the ironing basket, why not wear that check or red one?'. Grumpy text number 2: 'Not work shirts - going out shirts.' Grumpy text number 3 from work: 'I've got on eon out of the basket'. (He later told me that he thought those shirts were unsuitable for how important this customer was to the business.') I was pleased that he cared enough to get it right, even if the shirt was unironed.

Later the same day, grumpy text number 4: 'I've forgot my lunch and I have no money'. Reply: 'Lend some from J'. Grumpy text number 5: 'She's not in today.' A day for the taxman I think.

In one day he learnt 2 lessons. Prepare for work the night before, and carry a bit of money - you never know what you might need it for.

Life is hectic at the moment. With one car between two of us, we have to plan our days, which means that I have to be picked up from the gym around 6 each evening, G coming straight from work. We don't normally eat until 7-7.30pm. Last night G was asked to play 5-a- side football at 7.15, and so tea was a yoghurt and a banana. When he came in at 9, I cooked tea. G remarked that there's no time for himself. 12 hours at work (including travelling times,) 8 hours asleep, leaves only 4 hours for himself to do stuff he enjoys. I hadn't the heart to say, well that's pretty much your life for the next 50 years, (he'll probably have to work until he's 70 by then).

We are both in the same boat, but at different stages in our career. G is waking up to the fact that enjoying work is important, as we spend so long there. I've probably got 20 years left of working life iin me, health permitting. That's a long time to do something we don't care enough about, but neither of us can afford to be too fussy, as its a big bad world out there.

Rat Race - The Specials. Because the race is getting faster and nastier.

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